Welcome To Ross Services - Total Service Company

Ross Towing and Transportation has more than 50 years of experience in the removal, transportation, recovery and storage of vehicles and equipment. We have over 25 trucks dedicated to the industry that are well maintained by the 2 licensed mechanics on staff. As one of the largest and most respected towing companies in Southwestern Ontario our customers have come to rely on consistent high level of service they receive from Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc.

Ross Towing has been entrusted by both the public and private sectors to ensure safe towing, recovery and secure storage of their vehicles. We have several productive working relationships with different branches of the Government and the Ministry of Transportation. We work closely with the local and area law enforcement services and they regularly choose Ross Towing to help manage severe accident scenes. They have also found our secured facility to be an excellent resource for them to utilize for securing vehicles and equipment.

Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. has a wide range of equipment and services to suit the towing and recovery needs of our customers. We are a TOTAL SERVICE COMPANY.

• Light/Medium Duty Towing
• Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery
• Air Cushions
• Storage Units/Roll-off Bins/Dock Facilities
• Spills Units
• Floats/Roll-offs/Tilt and Loads

All services are performed by skilled professional operators. Ross’ Services prides itself on being among the very best at what we do and have the equipment, experience and personnel to handle any towing and recovery situation that comes our way.

Our New 2012 Kenworth 75 TON Rotator

75-ton Rotator

Some Of Our Services

Light and Medium Duty Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Roll-over with Ontario Recovery Group